Timber innovation

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Scottish timber is an abundant, yet underutilised renewable resource that covers much of the Scottish Highlands, the Borders and Dumfreis and Galloway. MAKAR has established a progressive timber-based design and build system that is rooted in the resources of Scotland. 

Drawing inspiration from the strong and highly developed timber construction culture of alpine Europe, MAKAR has honed its knowledge of modern construction methods to get the optimum performance from home grown timber.  Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint of MAKAR's buildings, it also stimulates a regional industry that feeds investment into the economy.

MAKAR's commitment to innovation and research into the use of home-grown timber has positioned the company at the forefront of this expertise in Scotland.  In the last 20 years MAKAR (and Neil Sutherland Architects) has been progressive in its approach to modern methods of construction and has invested heavily in off-site manufacturing facilities, which have significantly improved the quality and performance of finished buildings.  This has resulted in the production of MAKAR's own structural closed panel system that utilises Scottish timber and natural materials to make healthy buildings that are quick to build.

MAKAR continues to push percieved boundaries in this field by prototyping and testing new uses for local timber including Brettstaple / Dowellam, Acetylated timber ground beams, and most recently a timber ridge beam truss which was installed in a new house in Clachnaharry, Inverness. Much of MAKAR's recent research has been conducted in partnership with structural timber experts at Edinburgh Napier University's Centre for Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures [COSIS].