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Having the whole building designed and built by one organisation really simplified things.  People kept telling us that, as well as an architect, we'd need a project manager, builder, and sub contractor- MAKAR could fulfil all of this.
Peter and Fran Tilbrook, Cromarty

MAKAR has established a reputation for designing and delivering high quality, energy efficient new build homes for our customers: Residential projects make up the majority of our work across Scotland.

MAKAR's complete design and build service is popular with customers who seek greater cost certainty in their new build project without the stress of managing all parts of the project themselves. MAKAR provides a single point of contact who will manage your project from the early design discussions and site analysis, through the planning and building warrant processes, during the construction on-site to the handover of keys to your new property.  

Visit our process section to find out more about what is involved in building a new home and how MAKAR can help.  This section contains useful information on finding a plot, forming a brief and what to expect with our 10 stage process to a completed building.

By choosing a company that has in-house capabilities to deliver your new build, you can be confident that your project will be completed on time and on budget without the communication issues that can arise on traditional construction projects.  New build homes are currently zero VAT rated and can prove a cheaper alternative to renovating a property. 

We believe in building homes with healthy living environments by using natural building materials that enable the home to breathe.  In doing so we avoid the use of materials that are made from petro-chemicals that are known to off-gas toxins into the air, and we know that over the lifespan of the building the materials we have chosen will not have a negative impact on the environment.  MAKAR homes are incredibly well insulated and energy efficient.  They are designed to make the most of their surrounding landscape by capturing the best views and allowing sunlight to enter and warm the interior of the building.  This natural solar heating is supplemented by a range of renewable heating options on which our experienced designers and suppliers can advise.

MAKAR works to develop more sustainable design solutions that align well with our customers' lifestyle needs.