We believe that great buildings enhance people’s lives. Over the past two decades MAKAR has established a reputation for designing and delivering high quality, energy efficient, homes for our customers throughout Scotland.

We believe in building healthy homes by using natural building materials that enable the home to breathe.  In doing so we avoid the use of petrochemical based materials that are known to off-gas toxins into the air, and we know that over the lifespan of the building the materials we have chosen will not have a negative impact on the environment.

MAKAR works to develop customised design solutions that align with our customers' lifestyle needs. In addition to this our homes are designed in response to their surroundings. We utilise the landscape and place in order to capture the best views, and allow sunlight to enter and warm the interior of the building, creating an enjoyable and sustainable place to live.

We believe in using local, sustainable materials, strengthening our local economy: Scottish timber is an abundant, yet underutilised renewable resource. MAKAR utilises local Scottish timber, and has established a progressive timber-based design and build system that is rooted in the resources of Scotland. 

MAKAR's complete design and build turn-key service gives our customers’ certainty over quality, cost and workmanship in their new build project, without the stress of managing all parts of the project themselves. MAKAR provides a single point of contact who will manage your project from the early design discussions, through the planning and building warrant processes, the manufacture of your home, throughout the construction on-site, to the handover of the keys to your new property.