Forming a brief

Do you have a clear idea of what you would like from your built project?

The architects at MAKAR can work with you to refine your project brief to suits your needs.  However, it advisable to start formulating a brief in advance of choosing a plot or having an initial consulation with an architect. 

To help define what you are looking for why not start with the following questions:

  • How many rooms would I like?
  • How would I use them?
  • What sizes do they need to be in m²? 
  • What budget can I afford?
  • Are there any restrictions on the plot I have chosen?
  • Does it make financial sense to adapt the property I have or build something new?
  • Are my needs likely to change in the near future?
  • What materials would I like to be used?
  • What type of heating system would I like?

When building a brief it is good to take note of buildings and rooms that resemble what you would like.  For instance:

  • Have you visited a cosy living room recently that seemed just the right size?  
  • Why not go back and measure the room or pace out its dimensions?
  • Why not compare these sizes with your current living arrangements?
  • Why not try repositioning the furniture to imagine how they might fit in a different space?  
  • What worked well in the other room?  
  • Was it way you entered, the position of the windows, the height of the ceiling?

Compiling observations like these can help clarify the features of  your ideal house.