Choosing a plot

When looking for plot there are various things you should think about when considering a site:

  • Is the site big enough for the property I want?
  • Does the plot offer the views I am looking for?
  • Does the site have outline planning permission?  If so when does this expire?
  • Is the plot within my budget?
  • Is the site prone to flooding?
  • Would the site be accessible for deliveries of materials and building components?
  • Are there likely to be neighbouring developments in the future?
  • Will I need space to expand my building at a later date?
  • Will the land need to be cleared of trees or other buildings?

It is worth noting that sites which require extensive ground works are best avoided if you have a tight budget.  It can be difficult to predict what lies below the top soil before you start digging, but here are a few things to look out for that may contribute to the project costs:

  • Does the site have a mains water and sewage system nearby that I can connect to?
  • Can the site be accessed by car or would I need to build a road?
  • Is there a gas and electricity connection available?
  • If it is a brownfield site could there be a contamination issue?
  • Will the gradient of the site make building difficult?  Will I need a retaining wall?
  • Will the land need to be drained?
  • Is the site of any archeological or historic interest?

All of these factors can add time and cost to preparing the site for your building.  MAKAR can offer advice on these issues.  In most cases if you have a limited budget it is best to choose a plot that will not need considerable ground works to be carried out. 

There are various ways of finding your ideal plot on which to build and it pays to be vigilant for local opportunities.


A good starting point may be to use an online search tool to see the availability of plots and their cost in your prefered area.  Why not try the following websites? 

Estate agents

Why not visit your local estate agent or pick up a copy of an estate agent's brochure to see what's available in your local area?

Look out for signs

Some of our clients have been lucky to spot a good plot when driving around their local area. It is good to speak to locals in the area and find out what opportunities they might know of through word of mouth.

Build in your garden

Do you have land around your existing house that might be suitable for building?  A few of our clients have found this to be a very cost effective way of building the energy efficient home that they want to live in without the expensive outlay cost of acquiring a new plot of land.