Geanaisean in snow 2

Another success for Makar, this time at the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products Awards where our Stathpeffer Passiv House, Geanaisean took top honours . Awards video now available.


Geanaisean – The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (asbp​.org​.uk)


The ambition for the house project, Geanaisean, was to deliver a certified Passivhaus using natural and healthy building materials. By coupling the Passivhaus standard with the MAKAR off-site n‑Sip panel system, a huge reduction in energy demand was achieved in a healthy and sustainable man​ner​.As well as creating a healthy building, the timber-based construction system is beneficial to both the team working on the construction and the environment as a whole. Carbon sequestration is provided by the Scottish-grown timber kit, while the cellulose and wood fibre insulation demonstrate the use of recycled and upcycled natural products.