Place and environment

Place and environment image

MAKAR buildings are designed in reponse to the landscape and place in which they are located.  

The architecture of a building and the materials selected can make a building appear as if it belongs in a particular location, and this is what we hope to achieve.

By designing a building with the landscape in mind, the architect can make the most of unique features of the site such as a steep gradient, the orientation of the morning sun, and direction of the prevailing wind.  This information can be used to produce a building that responds and benefits from these unique conditions and becomes more enjoyable to live in.

MAKAR's experience in using natural materials such as untreated timber, turf and sedum can help a building merge into its surrounding environment.


"The materials for the house had to blend in with the landscape; I wanted
the house to disappear into the hillside
Neil Hammond, Glenelg