Healthy buildings

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A healthy building is one which has a good indoor air quality and living environment.

On average we spend roughly 90% of our time indoors where there can be higher levels of pollutants than there are outside.  Numerous health risks such as asthma, cancer, and reproductive and developmental effects have been attributed to the absorbtion of toxins from the indoor environment.  Much of this has been accredited to the fabric of our modern homes which has seen the introduction of synthetic and oil-based materials to increasingly airtight interiors.  Such materials and substances are commonly used in window frames, interior paints and varnishes, carpets, furnishings and domestic cleaning products.  Many of these materials are known to release noxious gases which become trapped within the home and absorbed or inhailed by occupants.  Young children are known to be at particular risk as gasses can be more dense than air and as a result become more concentrated at floor level.

Dampness in the home is another serious issue that can lead to the proliferation of mould and house dust mite leading to respiratory illnesses for the occupants.

MAKAR homes are designed to eliminate the use of synthetic materials as far as possible. Natural materials are used to build warm, dry and well ventilated homes.

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