Breathing buildings

Breathing buildings image

Ventilation is very important in the design of a healthy building.

MAKAR homes feature breathing wall, floor and roof panels. This means the fabric of the building has been designed to let moisture pass through, but not air.  This helps to regulate the moisture content of the interior spaces without letting draughts in.  Used on the exterior of a build, a breathing wall will naturally regulate its internal moisture content to remain dry and free of decay.  

In many modern buildings a plastic vapour barrier is fitted to prevent moisture entering through brickwork and reaching the timber frame structure.  This system has been proven to be problematic when moisture becomes trapped within the wall and cannot escape resulting in interstital condensation.  

Breathing walls use layers of hygroscopic and vapour permeable materials that have a greater level of moisture resistance towards the interior surface.  This helps walls to dry out and which can reduce a building's risk of developing mould whilst improving the indoor air quality and performance and longevity of the building.  

Incorporating a breathable building fabric and openable windows into a design is a very simple and effective way of designing a healthy building.  Our clients have control over the indoor air quality without having to rely on a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system which they need to maintain.