Sam Catley

Sam Catley

Senior Architectural Technician | BSc Architectural Technology

Joining Makar in January 2014, Sam spent 14 months on the practical side of the company in the workshop, and in March 2015, he incorporated that experience, along with his degree, and moved across to the technical department of MAKAR.

The role in the technical team is to take the Architects planning and warrant drawings and 'panelise' the whole building, incorporating any engineers’ requirements, so that the building meets our standard details and can get processed through our workshops. Sam also has the opportunity to go out to site with the assembly team for certain jobs and assist in that phase of a project, providing technical support along with being able, through his time in the workshop, to get hands on with assembling panels.

Sam has always had an interest in sustainable buildings, both from an ecological standpoint as well as a construction standpoint. Makar is a company which brings both together and he enjoys seeing projects go all the way from a grey outline on a screen to a custom house which is one of a kind. Sam enjoys being able to experience different parts of the process, from drafting panels in the office to being on a site covered in snow in the middle of winter assembling panels, seeing what has been drawn months before become a reality.

In his free time, Sam’s hobbies outside of work are sports, hill walking, reading and spending time with friends and family.