Initial consultation

To get the best results from an initial consultation with an architect it is advisable that you have taken time to prepare a draft brief for your project and have a plot of land on which to build.  Visit the 'what to consider first' section for more information on this.

If you have a plan of your site or a plan for the existing building you wish to alter, it would be useful to bring this to the meeting.  Photographs can also be good additional way of illustrating your project.  

Our 'customise your home' tool has been designed to help you build a brief which can be discussed at this initial consultation with an architect.  Using this tool you can compile a wish list of features for your ideal home and gather images of homes you find inspiring by copying in links to websites.  We recommend using this tool to help convey to the architect what types of design you like.  If there are any particular MAKAR projects that caught your attention why not add this information too?  The tool will also help you to learn more about the qualities of the range of materials and features available. 

During the consultation, the architect will be seeking information from you about the aspirations you have for your build, the lifestyle needs of the people who will use it, the characteristics of your site, and any parameters the building must comply to such as the budget.  Good architects are creative problem solvers and can design spaces to work very efficiently in line with your needs.  It is likely that the architect will ask questions about your brief to ensure that the design will best serve your interests.  

Following the meeting you may wish to commission the architect to carry out a feasibility study based on the information discussed.  The architect will then work through the space requirements for the project within parameters you have set.  This will determine how the building could work and whether the project is feasible under the set conditions. This information will then be presented to client, and if all goes according to plan the architect will then begin an outline design for the project, which will result in a first set of drawings.

It was a tight building to fit everything we wanted into it.  Once you get the first drawings you can see what can be done- we would lay things out in our other house and see what worked.”
Glen Onwin & Eileen Lawrence, Balnafoich