We offer a stage-by-stage process, from the design and manufacture, to delivering your fully finished home. Our teams will guide you through each stage, which will include site appraisal, design, statutory consents, production, site assembly and completion.


We offer an initial free consultation to discuss your project and ambitions. In order to define the project parameters we will undertake an appraisal of your site, discuss your brief in detail and identify a suitable budget for your project.

If you have a plan of your site it would be useful to bring this to the meeting bring any selling particulars and any information on services. Photographs can also be good additional way of illustrating your project.

Design & Consents

The design process takes your requirements with the opportunities on your site, and we work with you to produce a custom solution that works for you.

Good architects are creative problem solvers and can design spaces to work very efficiently in line with your needs.

The design stages will start as sketch scheme, and once we have reached a design you are happy with we will prepare planning application drawings. MAKAR has extensive experience of successfully applying for consents to many of the 32 local authorities in Scotland.

Following this stage MAKAR will prepare the drawings for the building warrant application, this is the second statutory consent required for your project. The Design team work with engineers to ensure the proposal is structurally sound. At this stage the engineer also undertakes the design and specification of the foundations and drainage.

During this stage we will guide you through the choice of finishes and fixtures. We also discuss the energy requirements for your home, and any renewables you would like to consider including.


Production & Manufacture

Every element of your house is precision drawn and manufactured in our Inverness workshop. Components such as windows and doors are ordered from our local suppliers. The houses leaves our factory with cladding, windows, roofing and insulation already complete.

On Site

Whilst your house is being manufactured our groundworks team are undertaking clearance and siteworks, including the installation of the foundations and the drainage.

When the two are ready the kit is brought to site and erected by our specialist site team. The shell of the building is normally finished inside of week. At this stage we ensure the house is made wind, water and air-tight.

Internals & Completion

The final finishes are installed by our own team of finishing joiners, plumbers and electricians. We provide project management throughout this stage in order that the process runs smoothly and to programme.

On completion of the project we hand over a fully finished and defect-free home. We will take you through the use and maintenance of your house, and we will return one year later to ensure everything is working as it should.