Natural materials

Natural materials image

MAKAR buildings are designed to have a negligible impact upon the environment.  Using natural materials is integral to this approach for several environmental reasons:

Carbon emissions

The natural materials we use are mostly from renewable resources and their contribution to carbon emissions will be minimal.  

Health benefits

Natural materials respresent an alternative to synthetic materials which can be harmful to your health. See our healthy buildings section to find out more.

Aesthetic qualities

Natural materials from the local area will weather and blend in better with their surrounding environment.  See our place and environment section for examples.


Buildings made from natural materials can biodegrade into the soil after the lifetime of the building.

MAKAR takes a holistic view to construction by considering the whole life of a building including the legacy this building will leave after its lifespan.  We believe in a cradle to cradle approach to manufacturing buildings which avoids the mixing of synthetic and natural materials; and creates products that are difficult to dispose of after the building has outlived its purpose.