Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint image

“For me the ambient temperature is the most important feature of the house- there are no drafts.  I can move from one room to the next without having to close doors behind me.  It is satisfying that our insulation is so good we can live more comfortably and yet reduce our carbon footprint.”
Fran Tilbrook, Cromarty

MAKAR aims to design and build robust, comfortable, healthy, and long lasting houses that are sensitively sited and make a positive contribution to the environment.

The company takes a long term and holistic view of its buildings and works to use resources in a careful and responsible way. This includes the consideration of carbon emissions related to construction processes as well as those related to the day-to-day operation of the finished building.  

The use of renewable resources such as timber wherever possible is one of MAKAR’s main operational objectives. Another key aim is to construct low energy buildings that are environmentally sustainable and financially economic for their occupiers to heat and power.