Tilbrook House, Cromarty

For me the ambient temperature is the most important feature of the house- there are no drafts.  I can move from one room to the next without having to close doors behind me.  It is satisfying that our insulation is so good we can live more comfortably and yet reduce our carbon footprint.”

Fran Tilbrook, Cromarty

This project was constructed in the walled garden overlooking the historic town of Cromarty, the Cromarty Firth and across Easter Ross.

The house is located to maximise the views across the firth, accordingly the living areas were lifted to the first floor to benefit from this. Conscious of its prominent position overlooking Cromarty the North facing elevation is simple and the roof slated to emulate the surrounding buildings.

The house features a sun space to the south face, which gains volume through the use of a Douglas Fir post and beam structure with steel ties. Much of the hardwood flooring used was sourced from within the wooded area surrounding the house, including sycamore larch and oak.

The house is clad externally with horizontal and vertical larch boards without surface treatment, and insulated with warmcell cellulose fibre and sheeps wool within the service zone. The glazing system was provided by Rational and the rainwater goods by Lindab.

In addition to solar means, space heating and domestic hot water are provided by a water filled thermal store. Underfloor heating is served by a 5 - 15kw boiler which uses wood pellets, supplied in bulk 4 tonne loads.