Abriachan Housing, Feasibility

Feasibilty study commissioned by the Highland Council Housing Dept looking at options and costings for 2 bedroom starter homes within a forest location for young local people which were capable of being extended at a later date. The site was owned by the Abriachan Forest Trust.

Site perspective shows two types of housing:
Type A parallel with slope on flatter ground
Type B stepping down the slope where gradient steeper.

Plans and sections show typical two bedroom type B house

Key elements of the scheme:

Residential with ability to work at home or on the land
Low density: 50-100% larger than average plots
Structural landscaping: layers of landscape between the garden and forestbeyond
Reduced dependence on public utilities: water, sewage and power
Reduced vehicle impact: minimise adpotable roads, encourage cycle/foot ways
Orientation: slope and solar
Housing choice: 80 sq.m. houses all affordable with ability to extend in future.