Off-site manufacturing

Off-site manufacturing image

During construction of the new Makar Workshop in 2012

Off-site manufacturing is a term used to describe a process where components of a building are assembled in a factory prior to arriving on the building site.  This modern method of construction has been incrementally adopted by MAKAR to improve the efficiency in the way in which buildings are delivered.  

Working off-site enables construction to progress in a controlled environment unhampered by poor weather conditions.  This reduces the risk of delays and improves the quality control of components assembled in the factory.

In 2012 MAKAR opened a 450m2 workspace just outside Inverness.  This workspace was built to facilitate the construction of MAKAR's natural structural panels. Using the 3-tonne gantry crane in the workspace, panels can now be made up to 10m in length. This means a full exterior wall for a domestic house can now be assembled inside the workspace and delivered to site for erection.