Bespoke design

Bespoke design image

We’re really pleased with the design.  We came up with the goals for the project and Neil was very astute at working in our ideas.  We accepted the first sketch design.”
Neil MacKenzie & Jane O’Donovan, Gorthleck

MAKAR manufacture standardised building components to make bespoke buildings.

This method improves efficiency in the design and build process, whilst incorporating flexibility for the architect to tailor the building to match the client's needs.  Using our own closed panel system of construction offers a very cost effective means of delivering a high quality building.  This system can be used to construct a home in as little as 3-4 days on site. 

We have grown a highly skilled team of joiners who have expertise in timber frame construction. If you are seeking a more traditional style of timber frameas a feature in the interior aesthetic of your building MAKAR can integrate this into the design.

An initial consultation with a MAKAR architect will help clarify which system is most appropriate to your project.  Visit the process section to find out more about what this entails.