Adaptable buildings

Adaptable buildings image

This is my last home. It had to suit me to the end of my days without alteration as I get frailer... I wanted it to be open plan, light and airy.”

Barbara Manson, Wester Templands

MAKAR work with clients to deliver truly sustainable homes.  This often means designing for flexible use and lifestyle patterns that will change over time.  Having a building that adapts for different weather conditions and levels of occupancy can be a really effective way of getting the most from your property.  

We like the idea of the adaptability of the finished building and we might pursue this further.  We built this without really knowing how much time we would spend here.  We could have got a much bigger building if we had gone with a kit, but having a tailored design was important to us and we had a lot of input to the design.”

Glen Onwin & Eileen Lawrence, Balnafoich